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On disc: Fate

Ghosts From The Past - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Ghosts From The Past

Ghosts From The Past
(AOR Heaven - 2011)

Some might remember the melodic rocker Fate from the 80's, some might just come across their name due to Mercyful Fate guitarist Hank Sherman who founded the band after he left Mercyful Fate. But musically it wasn't what Mercyful Fate fans expected. After the release of the 2nd album A Matter Of Attitude they had to face line-up changes and it they have been through quite a few. The last one who left the band was guitarist Soren Hoff who got replaced by Torben Enevoldsen. Only original member these days is bassist Peter Steiner, but it doesn't necessarily mean something bad.

The opener Children Of The Night is a melodic rocker and so they stick to their roots and revive the 80's melodic rock. Keyboard-laden is Miracle and make me think of bands like Skagarak and Treat... But thanks to Torben Enevoldsen the metallic guitar riffs make it a bit heavier. Singer Dagfinn Joensen is doing okay, but I miss a bit uniqueness at the first tunes... At Seeds Of Terror Dagfinn shows a larger variety and that does the trick. This is one of the highlights of Ghosts From The Past, coz if offers different sounds / atmospheres. At The End Of The Day is a catchy track where Torben Enevoldsen can shine, the following All That I Want is a balladesque one with heavy riffing and a dash of American arena rock. Half way through it's time for a 'real' ballad, time for Follow Your Heart! The opening passage is keyboard and vocals, Dagfinn Joensen get joined by a female singer, a little later the gutiar joins in and the song becomes a power balladesque tune. I like the slow, emotional passages, but the powerful parts keep them from become cheesy. One of my favorites is Moving On, coz it has a different atmosphere. I won't call it dark... but moody.

To get an idea watch their video for Children Of The Night:

Fans of Fate and Scandinavian hard rock / melodic metal should check out Ghosts From The Past. They won't be the next big thing, but they stick to their guns and so it's authentic and perhaps the album will enlarge their following - at least a bit.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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