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On disc: Fatal Force

Unholy Rites - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Unholy Rites

Unholy Rites
(Metal Heaven - 2012)

Torben Enevoldsen many melodic metal and hard rock fans know as the guitarist of Section A and lovers of shredding / instrumental music will know his solo albums. Now he returns with Fatal Force - and a new band. In 2006 on their self-titled debut he was joined by drummer Daniel Flores and singer Mats Levn. The Danish guitarist was busy with several other projects but finally found time to hook up ex-Yngwie Malmsteen singer Michael Vescera and drummer Dennis Hansen. The trio recorded Unholy Rites which now sees the light of day via Metal Heaven. They worked on the new material in 2010, recorded at the end of 2011 and now fans of melodic metal can listen to Unholy Rites.

Bass and guitars are played by Torben Enevoldsen and once more he proofs that he's a great guitar player. With Michael Vescera he found the perfect singer for songs like Unholy Rites and Fight. Okay, a few twists and turns would have spiced up the album, some might say that the songs show nothing new... But hell, as long as you can enjoy the tracks, it's fine. Sometimes it's better to stick to your guns - and that's what they do. With an excellent singer like Michael Vescera and the great guitar play of Torben Enevoldsen it's easy to enjoy the album. Okay, I miss a real killer tune, but can't you said that about most albums? On the other hand there isn't a bad tune... Songs like Higher Ground remind me a bit of old Lions Share... At Listen To Reason they show references to NWoBHM and even 70's heavy rock.

If you like melodic metal, check out Unholy Rites! To get an idea, give these ones a try: Unholy Rites, Higher Ground, No One Will Listen and Run For Cover.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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