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On disc: Fast Death

Fast Death EP - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

Fast Death EP

Fast Death EP
( - 2010)

Boston seems to bring up a new punk / hardcore band every day. Now Fast Death is trying to break into the market with their self-titled 5-track EP.
The opener Open Wide shows them based in hardcore, the songs are coming over you like a rapid-fire assault. Partly they sound chaotic... You'll find some thrash and metal references when you listen closely, but soon they get lost again and only the low-end vocals seem to stay on track. All songs are quite alike, mainly fast sonic attacks they also offer short slow parts - before hell breaks loose again. At The Disease the opening guitar passage is almost melodic, but then they get back on track. Some guitar parts by Doug show his interest in metal and shredding. While shouter Dave Shay partly seems to drown in the musical chaos the gang shouts at Live Your Life revive the late 70's punk. But again, it's just a facet of the Fast Death sound!
If you like any of the songs - check out their MySpace -, then you'll like the whole vinyl.

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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