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On disc: Farsot

Insects - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars


(Prophecy Production - 2011)

In 2004 started a band that uses a chemical substance in their music. Farsot are 5 metalheads only identified by registration codes instead of their real names, all respect for that as long as their music is in a black metal league with mystic and elegant music from the Germans. Each of the 8 songs are individual like there are no steady line or theme for the album, but two of the brilliant tracks are inspired by insects, so the title of the album is not a coincidence. It starts with Like Flakes Of Rust and the sound is gently brushed on the surface, but underneath the action leaded black metal bubbles and in the end of the song there is a bussing of insects that gets more and more intense, normally this kind of effect would be irritating but on this song it sounds natural and relevant. The next song is Empyrean and the action is even more pumping and intense here. Real hard and well-written black metal with great ideas. Perdition has the elegant and yet aggressive type of black metal where most black metal can find joy in the music. Farsot really split out the creativity between all band members and the contribution as a band is very valuable and comes forward in all the songs but especially in Perdition. Adamantine Chains gives brutal and slow metal with a dramatic effect you don't find in any instruction manual for metal music. Brutal as it is, I still find this song to be the best of the album. The really genius part comes in the song The Vermilion Trail. It is mystic as hell, rough and elegant, and as the punch line includes a demon-like spoken story of how the insects has survived where humanity not always survives. Incredible tale and music. Withdrawl is plain and simple power and aggressive metal, black metal of course, music that gets you in a good mood. There are also two instrumental songs, 7 and Somnolent, that are elegant handled guitars softly played, giving another idea of what it is Farsot are doing. Top album in the black metal department.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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