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On disc: Farmer Boys

- The World Is Ours - Amir Djawadi - 7 stars
- The Other Side - Alex Albrecht - 8 stars

The Other Side

The Other Side
(Nuclear Blast - 2004)

This is the 4th album of the band from the South of Germany and their first release through Nuclear Blast. It's been 4 years since their last album got in the stores. With The Other Side the guys present again a kind of Depeche Mode on metal with heavy guitar riffing, bombastic sounds and some pop elements. And there is always some melancholy undertone. On this album you won't find a single hit like Here Comes The Pain, but all songs are on a high level. My favorite is Where The Sun Never Shines. Singer Matze Sayer and his pals have a modern sound, but there are no nu metal elements in their sound. Sometimes they are a little cheesy, but they wanted it that way. I can recommend to check out songs like For The World To Sing, Like Jesus Wept and Trail Of Tears.
The album was produced by the band - the first time they did it on their own - and then got the final touch by Siggi Bemm at the Woodhouse Studio in Hagen.
If you liked them, then you will love this album!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


The World Is Ours

The World Is Ours
(Motor Music - 2000)

News from the country side - the Farmer Boys toured a lot and are now back with a new album. They present 9 powerful tracks from the Swabian country.
The album title lack the quintets modesty, coz they named their latest output The World Is Ours. This sounds like a challenge to the metal world and that the five-piece see themselves on the way to the premier league of metal. It seem that they are right, coz the shows they did were very successful and so were their previous releases Countrified (1996) and Till The Cows Come Home (1997).
What makes the Farmer Boys special is their walk on the edge between heaviness and melo­dies. Their compositions have a certain aggres­siveness and sound fresh as well as a lot of melodies as counter part which keeps it balanced.
The very sympathetic shouter Matthias Sayer used the chance after their last release to work on his vocal abilities which is obvious on this album. Guitarist Alex present everything between powerful riffs and dashing soli. Dennis Hummel is a master on the keys while drummer Till is responsible for the musical playground.
There was a line-up changed and now the Swabian have a new bass player, his name Toni Leva. On the disc he's doing a good job, but if his stage acting will be fit to the Farmer Boys, he have to show on the festivals this summer and on the following tour in September which is called Here Comes The Pain. Don't be scared! This tour motto is adopted by the album opener and first single which is good one to get into the new material of the country boys. No real highlights, everything is on the same high level, but check out the single! Then you'll know what to expect from this album!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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