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On disc: Fantasist

Giggle Juice - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Giggle Juice

Giggle Juice
(Rocksector Records - 2011)

The three guys of Fantasist all attended Manchester College Of Arts And Technology, later they all been part of Idiom, a progressive rock quintet. In 2008 the band disbanded. Ollie and Robb were looking for new inspiration and Ollie started writing more simple music. Their groove-based songs draw the attention of Robb and so they were looking for a drummer - and reunited with Seb. They played a couple of gigs, took part in the Battle For Bloodstock and played SOS Festival. Time to release the debut. They inked a deal with Rocksector Records and so finally their debut Giggle Juice is getting released.
They open up with a heavy groover called X's & O's. The sound seems to be influenced by 70's rock, but is more powerful... But in songs like See-Thru their prog past shines through in tempi changes and complex passages, but they are still easily accessible. On the other hand they offer twists and turns. At The Truth they show themselves a bit more aggressive, but the refrain is still melodic. The Void starts slowly and so sticks out a bit, but soon they start to rock. The closer Private Life also begins balladesque, then becomes a heavy rocker - swing back and forth. Piano leads you out of this tune and the album. Actually I would like to hear them doing a real ballad... Perhaps next time....
The trio mixes rock, alternative sounds and melodies. They obviously have the prog background, even if it only shines through here and there. At the other hand it makes them differ from other rock bands. So head over to their MySpace and check them out!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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