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On disc: Falloch

Where Distant Spirits Remain - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Where Distant Spirits Remain

Where Distant Spirits Remain
(Candlelight Records - 2011)

Folk rock or folk metal can be very different things, combinations of medieval themes or modern rock sounds, but the debut album from Falloch has other things on their program. The band of Andy Marshall and Scott McLean was founded in 2010 and they started right away to make songs for this debut album of theirs. Best way to get themselves known is to produce some songs, and the 7 songs on the CD Where Distant Spirits Remain are typical folk rock songs that has a lot of personality in them. They are a band who is in deep connection with the Scottish landscapes, and they took their name from the Falls of Falloch Waterfall in Crianlarich.

First song is called Beyond Embers And The Earth, and you can feel yourself positioned in the landscape surrounded by flutes and fast powerful rock that gets a little mystic a the song progresses. Very interesting opener of the record. Horizons continues the beautiful flute theme in an all-instrumental song. Solace is made of soft piano tones and gives a beautiful impression of what the two Scottish guys are doing. The Carrying Light is soft traditional piano-based Scottish music with singing and exploding in wild guitars towards the end of the song. To Walk Amongst The Dead is another soft and yet powerful song that I find to be the best one on their CD, it has many different aspects of rock music inside. We Are Gathering Dust is a mainstream power rock song that can apply to most rock fans with good tempo and melodic lines. In ends with a soft metal song which focus on acoustic guitars and nice clear music, as though you standing next to the waterfall that Falloch adores so deeply.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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