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On disc: Fallbrawl

Pure Mayhem - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Pure Mayhem

Pure Mayhem
(Beatdown Hard Wear Records - 2012)

Fallbrawl is at it again, but the brawl seems to have vanished from the grasp their hands make in hard core metal on their new record Pure Mayhem. They have not been active on the album side of their career since the 2008 record Cold World, but this attempt they present now, Pure Mayhem, don't even have much mayhem in it. The best stuff the Germans comes with is Restless where the hard drums gives a hard core character to the music and leaves a good impression. Burden Of Disease is likewise fast and untamed hard core metal with clinched fists attitudes of Fallbrawl and their music in 2012. Mayhem gives us aggressive guitars held in their usual style and with a fantastic drive in the song. Hard To Forget is speedy hard core metal but unfortunately filled up with additional rap metal that seems to have taken over much of the influences in the music Fallbrawl do today. Hope for better hardcore metal next time.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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