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On disc: Faith Factor

Against A Darkened Sky - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Against A Darkened Sky

Against A Darkened Sky
(Retroactive Records - 2008)

Faith Factor is a quite new band from the USA, but their voice is known! The band started in 2006 and released in summer 2007 an EP called 07-07-07. Now they present their first full-length album Against A Darkened Sky and fans will welcome Norm 'Ski' Kiersznowski (ex-Deadly Blessing) back in business.
A bit symphonically kicks off Evila Si Eh which is an intro leading into Keep It True. Heavy riffs and a high-pitched scream of Ski take you into this traditional heavy metal tune. This heavy tune also carries a true metal vibe combined with a dash progressiveness. Lyrically they chose a different path as they are part of the Christian metal scene. Galloping riffs and pumping bass dominate The Rapture which is truly 80's US Metal, but with breaks and tempi changes they give the song a different drive. But you also get some progressive elements and melodic lead guitar parts. Acoustic guitar and Ski's vocals dominate In Remembrance, a balladesque track where the band steps back to give Ski space. But after about 2 minutes they go full force, but keep the balladesque touch. The 8+ minutes track has a few passages where it reminds me of something else... E.g. Iced Earth. But there is something else... It's at the tip of my tongue... A bit more aggressive is Armor Of God. But it also has an epic touch during the mid-paced part. With harmony vocals and some heavy riffs they start into Divine Temptations, but then they speed off, even if they stick to the highly melodic vocals. The last track is Sinner's Prayer, a slow acoustic tune where Faith Factor invite the listener to join in their prayer. Not really a song, more a prayer accompanied with acoustic guitar.
The more then 11 minutes long opus Ascend Unto Heaven shows their musical universe best with all the elements they use. So if you don't know what to expect, this it the best tune to check them out.
Okay, the production could be better... A bit more powerful and with a heavy punch. But when you are into their music, then you can overlook the production.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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