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Heart Of The Fire - Lars Bj°rn - 6 stars

Heart Of The Fire

Heart Of The Fire
(Ragnar÷k Records - 2011)

HeartOfTheFire_LB is a new band from USA who plays the darkest and most epical doom metal you can find right now. This album is their debut and it will surely satisfy the believers of true doom. On the other hand it's not an album that will appeal to so many others than true doom fans, but the musical line can not be denied. It's a mix of very dark doom metal both slow and powerful, and also filled with melodic aspects in the songs. Generally the songs are long, but to their praise it isn't boring or without content. Often there is most instrumental fill to their songs combined with vocals that speak of Lucifer's damnation as the general theme. The songs however is very much alike, only the last song, The Fire Burns, is a beautiful epical doom case but in the same slow and controlled style as the rest of the material. A good debut, but probably you will have to be completely into doom metal to find the album attractive.

6 stars

Lars Bj°rn


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