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On disc: Epysode

The Concept Story Of Obsessions - Epysode -


The Concept Story Of Obsessions

EPYSODE: An incident or event that is part of a progression or a larger sequence, a passage between states of consciousness...

Have you ever had the strange sensation of being watched or followed by an invisible presence? What if there really is something or someone watching over us, guiding us from a place which remains unseen and unknown to us? Someone who helps us from the inside, knowing even our deepest thoughts... And what if this guide was not entirely good?

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Place: Keystone, a small town located at the centre of a national forest in the Northern region of Kentucky, USA. Kallon, a brilliant young profiler, is investigating two cases. The murder of a couple and the disappearance of their 9 year old son Shawn and also the sudden and unexplained disappearance of a man named Devin Khan, age 54. The presence of our profiler is no coincidence, he’s been following another case for a few months that exhibits striking similarities to events that occurred years ago on several recurring dates with a terrifying correlation… 2011-1966 -1921-1876-1831...

With the help of colleagues and specialists, Kallon gained access through police archives and press clippings, which revealed that each of these dates corresponded to a similar « cold case » file. In each of these cases, a 9 year old child is kidnapped, the parents of whom are found murdered in the same method of execution. Another disturbing fact... The authorities always find the child alive and unharmed at a later date, imprisoned in an isolated place, with no memory of what happened. Beside the boy, the body of a diseased 54 year old man, whose cause of death cannot be determined by the coroner. His man is later identified by fingerprint analysis to be the killer of the parents and kidnapper of the child… He lies face down on the floor, wearing a traditional black and golden Venetian mask, which leads investigators to dub him the Bauta Killer. The name « Bauta » comes from a typical Italian representation of a monster or evil beast used by adults to scare children.

The police are confounded by the case as they must rule out any possibility of a serial killer, even the existence of copycats and admirers of the original killer are highly unlikely due to that fact that the different acts are so isolated in location and time... Over the years the case has been branded « spooky » but then simply dismissed as unexplained. Very few detectives aside from Kallon have chosen to show closer interest. Through further investigation, our profiler discovers that the diseased man found beside the boy is always the child from the previous case 45 years earlier, who then repeats the scenario at age 54...

What makes these kidnapped children to repeat the acts of their captor 45 years later...?

Previous story : 2011 – Obsessions

As his investigation continues Kallon falls prey to frightening visions that he can't explain. Feeling constantly watched, he feels the need to avoid mirrors. Through many sleepless nights, he is tormented by strange noises within the ceilings and walls of his apartment. As the days go by he realizes discovers that this case is directly linked to his troubles. One night, words appear in the condensation of his bathroom mirror. Someone or something is trying to send him a message... Kallon will soon be contacted in contact by Esh, a soul coming from 'the other world' to reveal the secret of his obsessions. He will learn about the existence of a parallel world, the one man have been searching for in vain for hundreds of years, the one they cannot explain, the one they love to fictionalize, a world populated by what Esh calls 'the tree ranks'.

The Souls, those who are here to help and guide humans on earth during their lives, through signs that men always believed were « divine » or « from destiny »...
The Ghosts, condemned to wander the world of men, because they decided to leave this world before their time...
The Fallen, souls living on borrowed time, former men having committed evil acts during their living lives. Condemned to wander the earth and take possession of another's body in order to relive their life...this time walking a good path in order to earn their redemption.

The profiler will also learn of Anton Kell (Uss), a soul residing inside of him since birth. This soul's purpose is that of redemption but above all, to seek the one who murdered him, Yae, his former partner in crime with whom he committed so many atrocities.
Unfortunately, Yae never cares to try to atone for his sins and continues to take possession of young living bodies again and again, to accomplish his cruel acts endlessly, and to live lives continually dominated by evil. After this revelation, Kallon will see the correlation between disappearances.

He will also discover that Yae currently inhabits the body of the 54 year-old man, named Devin, who has probably kidnapped the young Shawn with the aim of taking possession of his body and starting a new corrupted life.

The profiler must stop this from happening at all costs. With the advice of Esh, he will for man alliance with the ghosts who haunt the earth. Therefore, he will enlist the aid of a childhood friend, Valma, a medium who will be his only link to the Other Side. He will have to find and convince Maymos the Prince of Shades, leader of the earth roaming Ghosts, to help him in his mission, for he is the only one capable of banishing the fallen forever. Kallon will finally find the child at a deserted fun fair and Valma will be murdered while trying to create a distraction just before Maymos takes Yae away with him into the never.

At the beginning of all things – the Revelation of Esh:

Existing in a parallel world, three principal souls, the immaterial powers : Ish, the creator, Oos the bringer of life and Esh the guardian of silence. These souls decided to give evolution a chance, to develop a living race on planet Earth, the Men. Therefore they created soul embryos called Origins, which would implant themselves inside of « the Men » at birth.

This way, the embryos would grow and evolve with the living beings. After the death of a man, the Origin becomes a soul that rejoins the 3 founders to guide other earth-bound men from that world of beyond. Never revealing their existence, they guide men through thoughts, ideas and place events in their path in order to help them achieve a so called « better life ». But the souls had not foreseen that man had two faces, one of innocence and one much darker Machiavellian face, which can result in a bad soul at their death.

Oos decided to impose safeguards in order to control this circumstance. This way, the men who chose to die by their own hands and to leave the living world earlier than planned, are condemned to stay on earth, invisible to the living, to become ghosts, wandering souls, lost forever. Meanwhile the bad men (criminals, assassins, etc) who pass away, engender tortured and dark souls that are put back on earth to inhabit a new child's body and start over, directed toward the good path and redemption. Only at the end of that life, the fallen can become a good soul and finally be accepted among his kind.



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