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In Words: Exilia

- Masha - Aug. 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt & Nadja -

Masha - August, 17th 2002 at Cologne (Germany)

When I checked the schedule for the GUN 10 years anniversary show I found a few bands I haven't heard about before. So I tried to find out about these bands. One of these bands was Exilia and I found their website. The tracks I found on their page sounded very good, I did some research and contacted their promotion agency here in Germany. Thanks to Enorm Music to give me the opportunity to do this interview.
The show was really good, just too short! The Italians had just 20 minutes and so they could only present 5 tracks.
After the show we met singer Masha, her sweet little dog and the promoter at the backstage entrance. We had no access to the backstage area and so we started looking for a quite place. We finally found a nice place in the backyard of a vegetarian café where it wasn't so hot.
But before they entered the stage the host said that they played 2 shows the day before in Switzerland. So Masha told me that they had a show early in a small Swiss town, something around 10 a.m. and then loaded and headed to a town about 40 km far away to play there around 2 pm. Afterwards they had to hurry to load and leave to Cologne, Masha told us. A little travel back in time, to the early days of the band... The band was founded 5 years ago the simpatico singer told us, the band was founded by her and guitarist Elio Alien. But then they had some line-up changes and about a year ago they found the rest of the band, drummer Andrea and bassist Gando. "It wasn't easy to find new members, coz there is no scene in Italy. And we wasn't just looking for good musicians, we need to find new friends!" The quartet is in the lucky situation that they can play live a lot in Italy, but not just in their home country. "Last year we toured for several weeks and played about 25 shows", the blond singer reported. Playing live is essential for the band, not just to present themselves to the music fans, also to grow together and to experience life on the road as a band. This experiences are inspires them to write new songs. Today the presented new material and Masha explained that they have already started recording. "We record at home. We already have some songs, but our aim it to have about 15 songs, so that we can choose 10 for the album." A video clip would help to tell the people about the band, but it costs a lot of money. Often record labels or other people try to take influence which can be good or bad. Masha promised that they will keep going on their way and that they will fight for their music, even if it's not that popular in the country of Eros Ramazzotti and Tiziano Ferro. I'm sure that they will make their way with or without the support of TV channels like MTV!
She came to music through her father who is a drummer and so music was all around her. Many bands and artists influenced her, but for her the attitude, the personality is as important as the music and so her tasted varies. She likes the singer of the 4 Non Blondes Linda Perry for her personality and as a singer, but also Sandra Nasic of Guano Apes. Beside that she listens to some of the Nu Metal bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach and many other stuff. To be open-minded it important to her.
For Masha fighting isn't something new, coz she doesn't look like a typical Italian girl with her blond pigtails and an outfit which you won't find in any en vogue magazines. Beside that she is a vegetarian and her life is the music and not to stay home and cook! "Beside that I'm a total different person when I'm on stage. Usually I'm a shy person." said the Italian girl. And this seems to be the truth, coz on stage she's full of power and act with a certain aggression presenting their Nu rock, but here in the café she's just a girl from Milan who try to make her dream come true.
I wish her and Exilia all the best for the future and I hope to see them soon somewhere and then we then have the chance to talk again. Definitely I'll keep an eye on the band, so that I don't miss them, if they are around.

Claudia Ehrhardt & Nadja


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