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In Words: Evile

- Ol Drake - Feb. 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Ol Drake - February 28th 2012 (by email)

Evile just finished their tour through Europe to support Five Serpent's Teeth, unfortunately I missed them due to a bad cold. But Ol Drake was so nice to answer some questions by email. Here we go!

The band exists for about 8 years, you have 3 full-length albums and you just did a European headliner tour... That's the facts. How does it feel? Looking back, do you think you're fortunate? Right time, right place?

It feels amazing. To still be able to be doing this is a privilege. I don't think it was a case of the right time, right place; we worked our butts off, and we still do.

You latest album is out for awhile and usually looking back there is always something you want to change... Still happy with Five Serpent's Teeth?

Very happy. We put so much work into the album that everything you hear is a labor of love and passion for the music. There was not one aspect of the album that was given 'less work', or any 'filler'; we put 100% into and we couldn't be prouder.

You just finished the European tour in Essen. How was it? Did the fans like the package?

The tour was great. We knew we had a fan base in Europe but we had no idea so many people would turn out. We had some of the best shows in places we've never even been before. The package was good; It's good to have some diversity.

Any stories to tell from the road?

At the last show, while Dr. Living Dead were playing, I invaded the stage with my pants around my ankles pretending to be drunk. I tripped over my pants and they kicked me while I was down hahaha. They got me/us back by having a picnic on the stage while we played. I was more annoyed I couldn't join them, it looked like good bread.

Next you have a one-off show in Manchester, will you play the same set as on tour? Or do you change the set for that show?

We played around slightly in Manchester. We made the first live performance of 'In Memoriam' for David Gold of Woods Of Ypres who passed away over the Xmas holidays. They should have been playing the show so we felt we had to do/play something for him.

Hammerfest... Do you look forward to that one? Which bands do you want to watch at HammerFest? And what acts would you like to see?

Hammerfest is always great fun! I'm most looking forward to Anthrax; I've never had the chance to see a full set. We always have interviews or something else is going on when they're playing. This time we're going on just after them, so we should be able to catch it all!

Friends of mine from the U.K. always complain that so many bands don't tour the U.K., what do you think? Should more bands tour the U.K.?

It depends. Being in a band, and knowing how expensive touring is, I can see why including a lot of the UK in a tour is sometimes financially uncertain; especially when traveling from, say, the USA. Being from the UK it's ok for us to tour here; just like if we lived in the USA it'd be easy for us to tour there. But we don't live there and it is VERY tough to get there/tour there.

Back to Evile... You have a YouTube channel and posted some impressions from the road, but what about a DVD? Any plans?

I'm not sure. A DVD one day would be cool, but it'd have to be something special; not just a random live show. There's no plans in place.

You toured a lot and played with many bands who obviously been inspiring you at the beginning. Who would you like to share the stage with?

There's quite a few; I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to share the stage with Metallica. To tour with them would be an unbelievable experience. Slayer, Machine Head, Megadeth again, Trivium. Loads!

What are your plans for 2012?

Tour, Tour, Tour! We're already into the writing process for the 4th album too. We really just want to get around the world and play!

Looks like the next months will be packed with work - playing live and working on a new album. But it also means chances are good to catch them live and to get a new album sooner or later, depending on live activities and that's good news to all thrash metal fans!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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