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In Words: Ellipsis

- Emmanuelson - July 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Ellipsis band photo
© Ellipsis

Emmanuelson - July 2007 (by email) -

Ellipsis are from France and most might haven't heard from them before, but with Imperial Tzadik they released a new album of very unique music. Time to learn more about them!

Please tell us a bit about Ellipsis as many might not know you yet.

The Biography is like that:
Ellipsis - Weird music for schizos, some might say... An original and fascinating universe for the others...
All in all, a frenzy, unique, multi-paced, psycho metal sound that the French tormented horde has been building for more than a decade. Released in 2003 and 2004, Comastory and From Beyond Thematics are two enigmatic concept albums, each one focusing on a different facet of the realms here and beyond, somewhere between mysterious moods and haunting melodies.
The long awaited third full length album is scheduled for the grey autumn month of October 2006. Still recorded by mastersound Terje Refsnes (Tristania, Nightmare, Theatre Of Tragedy, Morgul, Green Carnation...), Imperial Tzadik will lead you towards an ever more psychotic and emotional journey. Expect nothing but a monument of experimental sonic art fuelled by sincere and sensible mind powers.

Why did you chose the name Ellipsis? And what does it mean to you these days?

The name Ellipsis is inspired from the album of the band Scorn which is called Ellipsis. We like this name because is very strange and original...

The album is called Imperial Tzadik. What does the title mean? Or did you chose it, coz the song represents the album best?

The Tzadik is a Jewish word that means the guide, the witness. The one that is good and with this vision of the world can makes you change and helps people around him to evaluate. He is a guide. But compared to this world we have the 'sadist' in English or the 'sadique' in French. Words so similar, but so opposed.
The one that is a victim, is a hang man too. 'Innocence is no excuse'. Here is the Imperial Tzadik!

Talking about the songs... What inspires you? Musically? Lyrically?

When you see all around you the stupidity, the selfishness and the individualism, you must explain and have a strong reaction about the human race. I'm very tired about the human behaviours, it's all the same, we are the best to massacre, kill, to put in slavery...
Imperial Tzadik fight and denounce the mistakes of humanity...

There are two songs which have 'green' in the title. Any specific reason?

Because the green is the symbol of rebellion, the symbolic of the fight, the colour of hope and of course of the nature...

Who had the idea for the artwork? And who did it?

I had some ideas with trees and apocalyptic landscapes. Senyphine (you can find this work on Deviant art), it's a young artist with original style and we like this kind of imagination very dark, we have join our forces to make a good artwork with Khallys too...

You have two guests on the album - Tore Østby and Gerard Foix. How came?

Gerard is a friend of mine for 20 years. When I was very young... And he's talented. In October he will come back with a new album of his band Eternal Flight - and I sing one song...
Tore Østby is another friend. I have met the guy on tour with Ark - with John Macaluso - and we appreciate the same ideas in the music and the same crazy ways.
I wanted 'Spanish solos' and guitar-heroes solos, I knew Tore was the man for this.

How was working with Terje Refsnes? Will you work with him again?

Terje is a good producer and we like to work with him. I think, we work with him on the next album, but I don't know for sure...

In France the album was out late last year. How were the reactions? Any difference to the reactions you got after the release outside France?

The reactions in France were amazing. The same in Europe... We are very surprised, because we make a 'no compromise music' with a lot of landscapes and sounds.
Now we know, we can compose 'psycho crazy music' as ever.. :)

You already played a few shows in your home country as far as I know... Will you play more shows soon? Outside France?

It's very difficult to play outside your country, if you don't have a good management. We will know more in September. We have a new management company... If you can invite us, tell me and we come!    :)

If you could choose a band to tour with, which band would you like to tour with?

A lot: Nevermore, Stolen Babies, Megadeth, Enslaved, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mike Patton...

What bands influenced you musically?

A lot: Enslaved, Nevermore, Megadeth, Opeth, Arcturus, Faith No More, Alice In Chains...

As the album was recorded last year. Have you already started working on new songs?

Yes, we have 5 news songs, crazy as ever! More catchy with big chorusses and mad bridges...

Something more general. There is a metal scene in France and most of the bands have a unique sound... What do you think is the reason that we don't hear much of them outside France? Can you name some interesting French bands to check out? And I'm not talking about the ones which are already known outside France....

I think, we don't have good structures and the French bands suffer sometimes from a bad reputation. Now with bands like Gojira the opinion is changing and we hope for a better future...

Please, give us a brief look into the near future of Ellipsis!

We prepare a new album for Ellipsis.... I have finished with my another band Veloce Hystoria, a metal prog band in the vein of Symphony X, Dream Theater, Cacophony... Go to MySpace to listen to it. The album comes out in the beginning of 2008.
Fla prepares an album with this new metal girl band: The Devil Babies with English, Swiss and French girls. It's a crazy band with influences like Mr Bungle, BLS, Faith No More, The Stolen Babies and more...

Thanx a lot for the interview Claudia and excuse my bad English...
See you...
Emmanuelson (guitars, vocals)

Looks like I have to check out Veloce Hysteria and The Devil Babies.... And it seems that Ellipsis will stay with us for awhile - and we'll get some more weird music from the French! Looking forward to!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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