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In Words: Ektomorf

- Zoltán - Mar. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Ektomorf: Zoltan
© Ektomorf

Zoltán - March, 10th 2009 (by email)

Ektomorf are back! After the great Outcast they toured a lot and been through some changes, but now they have a new album and main man Zoltán was so kind to answer my questions.

Its been awhile since you released Outcast and til then you released albums quite frequently. So why did it take so long this time? Too many concerts?

Hi! That's right we where on the road since Outcast got out and play two headliner European tour which both went fantastic!
And the other reason, I wanted to take more time to write and as you can hear it, it was for a good reason!

There has been a line-up change. Please tell us why Csaba left! And how did you find his replacement?

My brother left the band cause he became a dad. The new bass man Szabi, he's a very good friend of mine actually he was my guitar tech for 3 years - is funny cause Tamas, guitarist in Ektomorf, and Szabi were great Ektomorf fans since the '96 and played in the same band called Warpath, now they reunited in Ektomorf! :-) Szabi is great !!! And you can hear it on the new album and see it in live!

Your new album is called What Doesn't Kill Me... Why this title? Is it a reaction to some struggle you had to face?

Yes and no, I changed a lot the last 3 years. I found love and I take love in the first place! Nothing is more important for me than love! And is took me to changes, which as you know, changes and love need sacrifice, but what you get instead is priceless! So I did and do! I'm happy as I have never been before! Even if I had hard times with myself, going through changes... But what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger!!!

You chose It's Up To You for a video clip. Where did you shoot the video? And why this track?

This album has hits song by song to me, so it was verrrryyyy hard to choose for a video! My girlfriend Sara, she helped a lot to choose it, Sara works with me on the band management, too. I wanted to do something which is powerful, but positive at the same time and this track is has all there, is I Got It All or Love And Live, in the end It's Up To You! We shot the video in Budapest (Hungary) at a old fucked up army base. It was Dec. 12th 2008, fucking cold, we worked from 7 AM till 7 PM! I love this video! There are 4 shooting rooms, 4 different outfits.
Never had done something like this before! And the quality of the video is amazing - like a film! I worked with the same guys who did Outcast and I choose Videos Pixel Film from Hungary. Very cool guys! On MySpace in 7 days over 14,000 people checked it out! Its amazing!!!!

What inspired you when you wrote the lyrics?

Its my life, the things happened to me! And mostly Ektomorf lyrics are about anger and rage, but this time love got a huge part my lyrics, my music, cause love is the most powerful emotion in the world and is just fit with my music. Two powerful things meet and you got an energy bomb! I know in metal or in heavy music it's not common to write about love or positive emotion, but there is always a first time and as you can hear, this is even harder then the previous ones!

How important is producer Tue Madsen for your sound?

Very important!!! He's my friend and together we made the Ektomorf sound. He's an amazing engineer and mixer!
Me and Sara, we live in Hamburg which is close to Aarhus (Denmark) and we already went a few times to visit Tue and his family. We are very good friends! And Tue's son Ludwig was born 2004 at exactly the last day of the Destroy album recording session! He's the biggest small fan of Ektomorf! Anyway, it was no question to work on the new album with Tue again!

Thousand copies of the limited edition digi-pack have additionally a Ektomorf necklace and a sticker.. But all copies have an interactive part which gives access to a competition to win a guitar. Who had the idea for this competition?

It was me, a symbol... Cause many fans asked me, where they can get the symbol I wear. And the guitar, too... It was my idea I. I got my amazing CAREER guitars and my guitar company had always support me in a great way! Than AFM, my record company, asked me what could we offer and I said my signature guitar! They where happy about this and I guess the fans too, cause this guitar is great!!! AFM have many great ideas and they support Ektomorf the best ever!

You are now signed by AFM Records... When you signed with Nuclear Blast it sounded like you had high hopes... What happened?

Nuclear Blast was just not the right label for us. AFM works for and supports Ektomorf a 1000%! And I'm very happy that I singed with them! Looks like a bright future for us!

In April you will hit the road... What do you think about the package? Are any more shows on the way?

I do not know the supports so well... And I was also not the one who chose them. But I'm sure, it's gonna be great!
Yes, there is a lot more planned for 2009! After the teazer tour in April we will do a lots of festivals and in September will do a bigger European headliner tour. A second round than and in November / December we will play as support in the US, the first time details will come later on the MySpace and official website.

What else is on your schedule for 2009?

Well, that's all! Thank you for the interview! Hope to see you on tour!


Looks like the chances are good to catch Ektomorf live this year....And I recommend to see them before they hit the US roads! Get a dose of angry music with positive lyrics - now!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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