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In Words: Eden's Curse

- Paul Logue - March 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Eden's Curse
© Eden's Curse

Paul Logue - March 17th 2011 (by email)

Eden's Curse, the multi-national band, are just presenting Trinity, their 3rd album. In the past the 3rd album was the make-it-or-break-it album. And it's a strong album, so if life is fair it should be their make-it album. Time to learn what happened since the release of their 2008 album The Second Coming. Thanks to bassist Paul Logue to answer my questions!

Trinity is your 3rd album - and a strong one. Alessandro del Vecchio replaced Ferdy Doernberg, what happened?

Thank you! Basically, Ferdy was fired. I do not want to say anything too bad about Ferdy as I highly respect him as a person and a musician, but he just wasn't a good fit for the band personality-wise and in truth his heart really wasn't in it. Alessandro lives and breathes being in this band and is an integral part of the sound on Trinity.

Did the line-up change effect the song writing? Caused a delay?

Absolutely not. We sacked Ferdy right after the Stratovarius tour in May 2009 and Alessandro was hired in June 2009. We spent most of that year touring and then started work on Trinity throughout 2010. Ferdy never wrote anything for the band, so it did effect the songs.

Did the way you write songs changed since the debut?

Not really. Most of the ideas will originate from me and then if I need help or want a different take, then I will contact Pete our drummer, who is excellent at writing melodies and choruses. I write a few songs with Thorsten too – he will send me a tune and I will add melodies and lyrics, also Pete did this with him too, and Alessandro contributed to a few tracks – especially No Holy Man.

How long did the recordings take? Where did you record Trinity?

At least a year, with a break of a few months in the summer. We started in January and wrapped up in December. We recorded in our individual homes studios – so, England, Scotland, Italy and Germany. Mike came to me and we did his vocals here.

I know Thomas Ewerhard did the cover, but who had the idea for the artwork?

I did. I drew the concept on a piece of paper and scanned it for Thomas. I can't believe what he created – it's quite magnificent in my humble opinion.

Some songs stick out - for different reasons. At No Holy Man you were joined by James LaBrie, how came?

We always like to have guests on our record, and we did pretty well on the last album with Angels & Demons where Michael sang a duet with Pamela Moore, who played Sister Mary on Queensrÿche's Operation Mindcrime albums. So, when I was working on No Holy Man I wrote the whole section that James sings on with Alessandro. He is a really great vocalist too, and we thought WOW the two voices really work here. So, we earmarked that song as a possible duet and we tried to find some cool people to work with. James was contacted and loved the music, and we agreed a deal and here he is in all his glory.

You did a cartoon-like video for No Holy Man. Who's idea was it? And who did realize it?

Again that was my idea. We initially tried to get everyone together to shoot a promo video, but the costs involved of flying everyone around the globe or shooting separately was astronomical, so we decided rather than NOT having a video to do something a bit 'different' and 'quirky'. It allowed us to probably complete a more adventurous script and it was a case of finding the right animator to do it. I talked to around 50 animators and settled on Cesar Pardo, a young Latin America, based in Chicago. He did an incredible job. Check him out at

At Black Widow Helloween singer Andi Deris is singing, why did you choose him?

First and foremost because I am massive fan of Andi's work with PC69 and Helloween. Black Widow is an aggressive song and Andi's aggression compliments Michael's voice wonderfully well.

What's the story of Jerusalem Sleeps? What inspired you to write this song?

The movie The Kingdom Of Heaven actually. The battle between the Muslims and Christians over the City of Jerusalem. The movie wasn't overly spectacular, but I fell in love with the concept and a story of perseverance in the face of tragedy and the will to win and claim what was lost.

What about another video clip? Anything planned?

Not at the moment. If the album is mightily successful then why not. We all have our dreams, and I'd love us to shoot a promo with Patric Ullaeus (Europe/Firewind).

Trinity is your 3rd album, are you satisfied with what you achieved so far?

Yes and no. I think what we have achieved thus far has been excellent, given we started with nothing, but a musician is always striving to better themselves and gain a wider audience …. almost like a quest. That will never stop and we have many goals and targets that we wish to achieve as a band. However, our records at central to all we do, and we can only do what we do to the best of our ability – and that is make excellent records. I'm really pleased with Trinity and am damn proud of the performances and hard work we all put into it.

So far you only played the U.K. and Melodic Rock Fest in the US... So, what about touring? Can we expect to see you on the road?

That is the question on everyone's lips, and I'd love to say yes, but at this moment we simply do not know what is going to happen. A lot depends on the success of the record and money. Touring is insanely expensive – even more so for this band because of the worldwide spread, but we don't bemoan that fact. We don't get many offers from Europe, and if we do they always ask us to pay. That just isn't going to happen. So I can't really answer that one just now. Things are moving in the right direction in the UK for us, and I hope Europe wakes up sooner than later.

Any latest news to share? Something you want to add?

We are re-launching our website to co-incide with the release of Trinity. Be sure to check it out at and stay up to date with all things Cursed! Thanks to everyone for the support and buying the albums instead of stealing them.

I really hope they that they get more popular outside the UK, coz this kind of music is even better live. If you want to see them live, keep asking for them at your local club!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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