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On disc: Exhumator

- In Your Face - Volker Raabe - 7 stars

In Your Face

In Your Face
(self-released - 1997)

The album title fits well, coz Exhumator present on In Your Face straight ahead trash metal. Melodic trash metal on a high level. A good example is Depressive which is a two voices one with riff-oriented guitar parts. The other songs are good as well with brutal vocals and a straight rhythm section. My only question is "Why bands who haven't this quality have a deal? Why not Exhumator?"
Anyway, if you like melodic trash then contact:

Music-Gate, c/o Exhumator, Auferstehungskirchweg 7, D-50999 Köln,
phone & facsimile : +49-(0)2236 - 63740

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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