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On disc: Executioner

Hellbound - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(PATAC Records - 2010)

When I saw the artwork, I thought it's quite old-fashioned, but I was wrong as this is a release of a 1982 tape recording. To give it the right feel PATAC Records is releasing Hellbound on vinyl!
Executioner was founded in San Jose in 1982 and even if the band wasn't active for long, they made an impression on the Californian hardcore scene.
If you listen to Executioner these days you might say they sound like some other bands, but when you take in account that these songs were recorded in 1982, then you'll realize that they were the forerunners of a scene. Songs like Fix Me / Hellbound, Flatlands and Marked To Die show some reminiscences to British punk while the guitar gives it a metallic edge. Just listen to Marked To Die and you'll know what I mean. The singer is yelling, shouting and during the slower passages his harsh vocals give the songs some heaviness.
These days it might just interested fans of 80's hardcore, but if it would have been released back then, Executioner would have made many friends in the hardcore / punk scene!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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