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On disc: Excelsis

- Kurt of Koppigen - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Kurt of Koppigen

Kurt of Koppigen
(Shark Records - 2000)

This album is out for quite a while, but I want to present this now, coz the band is playing at the end of June at a festival in Switzerland.
These five-piece is from Switzerland and offers power metal which reminds me a little bit of Blind Guardian. Okay, the five-piece is not as good as the German band, but they are newcomers. Therefor the album is pretty good. The story tells about a local hero back in the 13th century. The 11 songs are splitted in 5 chapters and the 2 additional tracks are more a kind of joke... The booklet shows the story in the 5 chapters, nice idea.
If you like Blind Guardian give this band a try.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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