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On disc: Excalibur

- Demo 2008 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Demo 2008

Demo 2008
(self-released - 2008)

I can't tell you much about this Argentine band.
The first track is called Aciero Ardiente and is a mid-paced, guitar-driven rocker. When singer Martin sets in I'm a bit surprised, coz I expected a deeper and more powerful voice, but the vocals fit to the song. The guitars of Emiliano and Aldo seems to be influenced by early 80's heavy metal... With more then 6 minutes the song is quite long, but a guitar solo part and some changes in speed add some variety. The second one is Por la gloria o por la muerte and is less then 4 min. - and has a different atmosphere. More lightened up... A song to lead you into a battle - full of hope for a victory. I don't know who is adding the lead guitar parts, but they are well played and fit to the songs. No unnecessary show off craftsmanship. The last track Cˇndores de Acero is an up-tempo one and closer to the early 80's fast tunes. Personally I think that singer Martin is better at mid-tempo ones - which also shows during the anthem-like chorus. The rest of the time he is singing higher and so isn't able to vary much.
At a demo I'm not judging the sound quality, but it's quite okay. The band is a bit too much based in 80's heavy metal and need to add something fresh. The songs are well played and singer Martin is doing a good job at the mid-tempo parts.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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