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On disc: Evolve IV

Decadent Light - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Decadent Light

Decadent Light
(ProgRock Records - 2008)

Evolve IV is a band founded by American singer and guitarist Mike Eager and the British gutiarist Peter Matuchniak. After they teamed up they searched for a rhythm section at the internet. Anyway, now the foursome is presenting their debut Decadent Light.
They open up with Number 16, a rock track with some 70's prog sounds and a slight pop appeal. With acoustic passages and speed changes they keep the song alive. And somehow the tune has a singer / songwriter atmosphere... Perhaps it's the guitars, perhaps it's Eager's voice... The following track is called War and indicates that Evolve IV is based in the singer / songwriter genre, even if they add some other elements and partly a progressive edge. At Listen Up they add a saxophone to their mix - and in combination with the guitar it almost gets jazzy... The song somehow reminds me of Moody Blues... even if I can't really fathom what triggers of this impression. Anyway, I really enjoyed this tune! At Rolling Along they use female vocals to the blend and they lead over into Saturday's Gone. Here Michael Eager takes over the mic again - this song make me think of Steve Miller Band.... A bit faster and with a positive vibe they present Baby Come Back. While Voyage takes you on an instrumental trip. The last track is called Goodbye and is dominated by a saxophone or by Eager's voice. This one is one of my favorites, I just wished the lyrics would be a bit less repetitive.... But this isn't a real problem, it would only made the song better. ;)
If you look for heavy riffs, then this isn't the best choice. But if you can imagine a singer / songwriter like Bob Dylan or Cat Stevens a bit more rocking and with some progressive elements, then you should check out Evolve IV. Their sound is very relaxed without being shallow.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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