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On disc: Evile

Five Serpent's Teeth - Carsten Bahr - 8 stars

Five Serpent's Teeth

Five Serpent's Teeth
(Earache Records - 2011)

British outfit Evile showed progress from Enter The Grave to Infected Nation and they keep developing quickly, their latest release Five Serpent's Teeth proof that. Right from the start, the first spin it's crystal clear that these guys don't stagnate! They still thrash, but they added new sound elements to their thrash metal. Evile show new facets, they are no long as straight forward as on their debut or as complex as on their second effort. On album no. 3 they found the right balance between memorable lines and complex song structures. They offer more stomping heavy metal beats and more melodic passages. The guitar play improved as well as the vocals. This time they are closer to Metallica and Annihilator than Slayer. The title track is like a modern - well, contemporary - reply to Metallica's Blackened. It's followed by In Dreams Of Terror which offers a lot tempi changes and fast riffing, a track which would please Jeff Waters. Same can be said about Eternal Empire. Cult, the complex Xaraya and Centurion are mid-paced rockers with a stomping beat, memorable riffing and catchy melodies. Origin Of Oblivion is a fast one, just like Descent Into Madness which are the only real thrash metal tunes on the disc. The semi-ballad In Memorian is dedicated to their deceased bassist and is a bit like Metallica's The Unforgiven! The closer Long Live The New Flesh is a catchy thrasher with superb solos. The disc offers a great tunes and a lot variety, so far the best Evile released! The album isn't just interesting for thrash metal fans, they open up for a larger audience with it. They manage to enlarge their sound universe without leaving their roots behind. Highly recommended!

8 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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