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On disc: Evershine

Renewal - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars


(Bakerteam Records - 2012)

Italy keeps on bringing bands to the rock and metal scene. Evershine has exists since 2001, and has 2 demos under their belt, but now it's time for their real debut full-length album. Hard rock and pop rock is what Evershine do, and their focus is on guitar hard rhythm rock with high and no limit tempo in their songs without giving the easy sound a kick in the butt. Especially the guitar play gives this debut album a good atmosphere, and first song is the title track Evershine, melodic pop rock with a hard attitude gives the album a good start. Angel/Killer has a symphonic touch and still the song runs over with hard pop rock and a frenzy guitar solo to prove that the guitar is the main instrument in Evershine's music. Demon's Ride has a wonderful dose of tight drums in an otherwise sleaze rock ear hanger from the Italians. As a red thread throughout the album is the easy sound that never goes too soft and sweet, but still appeals to both fans of hard rock and softer pop rock.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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