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On disc: Evenoire

Vitriol - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars


(Scarlet Records - 2012)

To follow up on their first entry, an EP from 2008, I Will Stay, the Italian band now hands out their debut full-length album, Vitriol. In a style of gothic and symphonic metal music Lisy Stefanoni controls the songs with her great voice. Maybe too much, because the other band members are really put in the background as Stefanoni do flute and vocals as a dominant factor of this album. The only other band member who contributes seriously is guitarist Alessandro Gervazi in some powerful guitar work and a few solos whenever he gets a chance. So Stefanoni is the leading force of Evenoire, and on 9 songs we don't get a lot of news, only orchestral symphonic compositions controlled by Lisy Stefanoni, Days Of The Blackbird is a song where she turns into opera like singing combined with a strong metal base for the song, but not enough to convince the listeners of their abilities. Misleading Paradise has the flute playing Stefanoni in front and with a guest performance of singer Gaby Koss whenever she can put her voice into the breaks from Stefanoni, and a solid guitar performance from Gervazi. Girl By The Lake is a powerful metal song where we get a decent guitar solo from Gervazi and served with a splendid drive in the tempo, but apart from that the development are not to be found easily here. The other songs on the album are slower and dominated by the flute and orchestral ideas that are so evident on the whole CD. It's a shame that Evenoire is not really playing as a band, but maybe that can be improved in the future.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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