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On disc: Eschaton

Isolated Intelligence - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Isolated Intelligence

Isolated Intelligence
(self-released album - 2012)

The Austrian band made their CD debut in 2004 with God Made, and also have two small EPs to their name, and now they are ready with a special kind of album that they release themselves. 5 songs that are all very long in order to summon the spirit of their Satanic and dark beliefs. They are dedicated to Satan as the backbone in their music and lyrics, and the first song, Transcending Satanism is slow and filled with tortured growls, but the aggressive ground rhythm gives the song a good depth and content. Current Void is Satanic attacks and standard dark metal, and shifting between male and female singing, great material. Isolated Intelligence is a long drawn song with a decent flow, hard guitar effects but very alternative in the building of the song. The Black Tunnel is a 15 minute long slow and steady staccato sound masterpiece, but psychedelic and rather advanced kind of black metal. Their fans will love this diabolic metal Satanic music. Their last song is called A Storm To Purify This World, attacking metal, melodic and with all their beliefs gathered in one song, actually the best song on the new album from Eschaton. Not so much new thinking, but a genuine and honest album from the Austrian band.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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