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On disc: Eruption

Lifeless Paradise - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Lifeless Paradise

Lifeless Paradise
(On Parole Productions – 2009)

I think it would be fair to say that thrash as a genre has been done to death. It takes a very special band to find something new that works within the confines of the genre and due to this most new bands these days fall into the 'twenty five years too late' category. Sometimes though, just sometimes, you discover a new band that doesn't really do anything particularly new but they have something about them that captures your imagination and make thrash seem as alive and thriving as we all want it to be. The UK bands Evile and Warpath are in my opinion amongst the cream of the new generation of thrash metal and now they are set to be joined by their Eastern European counterparts, Eruption.
This Slovenian quintet play top notch thrash metal in true Bay Area style. Very reminiscent of early Metallica and yet with a hint of Teutonic influence from the likes of Destruction and Sodom. The guitars are very meaty and riffs are played with enough thrash attitude to sink a battleship. If you don't have neck sprain after the first couple of songs you're obviously listening to the wrong genre and should probably be enjoying the latest puerile drivel from the likes of Lady Gaga instead.
Klemen Kalin provides vocals for Eruption and does a fine job. He sounds very much like a younger James Hetfield or Joey Belladonna. At times the vocals even seemed to venture into power metal territory, although only just, with some well executed high pitched moments.
My one and only complaint about this album is that there are no real stand out tracks. However, this is only a minor gripe. The songs are all very, very good with some catchy riffs and well played solos. The drumming is excellent, with some nice 'machine gunning' on the snare when needed. This is definitely the best album I've heard so far from a Slovenian thrash band and easily the best I've heard so far this year. I wager it shouldn't be too long before these guys become more well known internationally.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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