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On disc: Eradication

Dreams Of Reality - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Dreams Of Reality

Dreams Of Reality
(Siege Of Amida Records - 2011)

Eradication is a new band from the UK, they have an EP out which sold out quickly. They toured with All Shall Perish, The Boy Will Drown and Sylosis. At a show they opened for Sylosis Siege Of Amida Records became aware of them and offered a deal. Dreams Of Reality is the result of this cooperation. Late December it was published via iTunes and now the CD is getting in stores. The physical copy has the EP tracks as bonus tracks.
After a short intro the band heads into Fascination In Torture. The British offer a mix of modern thrash and Swedish death metal peppered up with growls and screams. And a dash metalcore. The guitar work is quite good, but the vocals are one-dimensional. Interlude is just that, but more melodic and first with whispered words, then hoarse vocals. The Prophet is what you expect, coz the tracks are quite alike and show little variation. And to me it seems like I have heard them all before... There are piece which grab your attention, but soon they are back to the genre-typical sound / song structure. At the title track they open with a shredding passage, but soon they head into their typical sound mix. Even if at this song they have some less fast passages.

It's the same with the EP tracks, Rendered Useless is partly quite repetitive. And even if the EP was released in 2009 it seems to me that the songs don't differ a lot from the albums ones. Either they have been written around the same time or the band didn't really progress - or I just don't hear it. Anyway, you can check out the video for Dreams Of Reality or head over to their MySpace and check them out.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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