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On disc: Equilibrium

- Turis Fratyr - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Turis Fratyr

Turis Fratyr
(Black Attakk - 2005)

Opening with the sounds of a thunder storm - as an intro - they band starts their black metal attack. The first real song is Wingthors Hammer which shows the general direction. Melodic / symphonic black metal with some humppa elements - already known by fans of Finntroll who seemed to inspire them... This is a fast track with fast double bass drum attacks, but also with some epic mid-tempo parts. A good track to check out Turis Fratyr, coz it has all the main sound elements. The following track starts more symphonic and is called Unter der Eiche. A epic mid-tempo track with up-tempo parts, even ultra-fast parts and deep growls as well as humppa elements. The lyrics are in German, but it's a German band, even if they sound Finnish! The song was released previously on their demo, as I don't know the demo, I can't tell, if or how much it changed. Several songs have German titles and so the next one is called Der Sturm. Different paces here. Galopping drums and staccato riffs, a 80's influenced guitar solo and again German lyrics - some growls and some scolding ones. A heavy headbanger. Met is a fast one based on the humppa sounds... A short catchy one and a good pick for a metal party. Birds twittering and hammering sounds. An epic melody and then marching drums where they added some female choir... A kind of instrumental interlude called Heimdall's Ruf and which leads into Die Prophezeiung. Again reminiscences to Finntroll, but they don't copy them! It's just the use of humppa which let you think of Finntroll. The crackle of a fire and some keyboard - sounds a bit like a spinet - build another interlude which is called Im Fackelschein. Tote Heldensagen is called the up-tempo black metal tune which follows. Finally there is Wald der Freiheit. It reminds me a bit of Bathory's soundscapes of e.g. Nordland. A soundscape which slowly fades out. It's like they sneak out of the listeners earshot.
Very interesting is Widars Hallen which comes with a almost happy flute melody. A harsh contrast to the guitar riffing and black metal attacks. The flute melody line is floating on the guitar riffs and the scolds. At the end they added some female vocals which remind me a bit of Liv Kristine... The different sounds and the diversity is keeping alive this more then 8 minutes long opus. The best song of the album in my opinion. With Nordheim they create a soundscapes... Then the band joins in heavily, but in the background they keep the opening theme alive. This one is as well a good choice to check out Equilibrium. As a bonus track you might find Shingo Murata which is another symphonic black metal track, not much different from others on this album, why it's just a bonus track? No idea. But a nice addition to the album.
Interesting for fans of Finntroll, Thyrfing and perhaps also for Bathory fans who like both sides of Bathory's music.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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