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On disc: Ephel Duath

On Death And Cosmos - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

On Death And Cosmos

On Death And Cosmos
(Agonia Records - 2012)

To be honest I never heard anything of Ephel Duath and I was surprised to find out that the band of Davide Tiso was founded in 1998 and has 6 full-length albums under their belt. Now they come back after a 2 year hiatus - partly due to line-up changes - with an EP called On Death And Cosmos.

Musically the EP shall be darker than the previous works, coz the concept is based on a personal loss of Davide Tiso. The opener Black Prism is combining atmospheric elements with complex / progressive parts and growl-ish vocals. The raw vocals fit well to the feel of the EP... It's dark and full of despair, but at the same time the vocals have a catchy edge... The 2nd chapter - Raqia - starts quite simple, then they head into an atonal post black metal-ish direction. No easy listening! The closer is called Stardust Rain, a bulky opening passage leads into another dark soundscape. All songs are about 6 minutes long, but while the first 2 can keep the interest, the closer is a bit lengthy...

Anyway, it's a concept album, even if it has less then 20 minutes running time, and conceptual albums you can hardly compare to 'regular' ones. Perhaps Ephel Duath will continue with the dark sound, perhaps it'll be their only dark one... Only time will tell!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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