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On disc: End Of Man

End Of Man - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

End Of Man

End Of Man
(self-released - 2003)

Again, I can't tell you much about this band. I know the band was founded in 2002 and they are from the Philippines. And somehow they were arising from the ashes of Mass Carnage.
They open up with Discord, a fast thrash metal track in the vein of Bay Area thrashers, but there is something else in their sound... The vocals are partly almost spoken and so remind me of Faith No More's Mike Patton... But Joey de Guzman also screams and shouts. With The Scourge they had into another thrashy tune, but this time not as fast. The track carries an 80's atmosphere... Like an early 80's fast heavy metal tune... I can't really tell which band or song it reminds me off... Later in the song they slow down a bit, just to storm off again. A blend of 80's sounds... At Devoted Mistake the guys remind me a bit of Metallica... But again they add other elements, too. With Third Factor they cover a song which was original from their former band - at least some of the guys played in Mass Carnage, but I can't compare it with the original as I don't know it. Sorry. Last, but not least Servitude which is a raw thrashy track, but again they vary in speed and so they aren't just interesting for thrash metal fans!
I confess I was curious to listen to this demo, coz I haven't heard any Philippine band til now. And as you can get the demo as a free download, there is no reason not to check them out! The guys mix different elements and influences to a thrashy 80's sound, so if you like the old stuff, then you should give it a try! A lot of free music you'll find at:

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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