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On disc: End Of Green

- Infinity - Volker Raabe - 8 stars
- Songs For A Dying World - Katja Müller - 5 stars


Songs For A Dying World
(??? - 2002)

The quintet from Stuttgart is presenting their 3rd album which is called Songs For A Dying World. End Of Green kinda offer the soundtrack for the dying world and so the songs are dark, melancholy and have something you usually find in the sound of Finnish bands like Entwine and Trio Niskalaukaus. Song full of sadness. But in comparison with the Finnish their song lack something... Their songs aren't coming from the darkness of winter days in Scandinavia. Bittersweet melodies are typical for these bands, but can't be found on this album. They are heavy, but guitarists Michael and Oliver can't add this sadness. And when you listen to singer Michael Huber you can't feel his sadness. His vocals aren't emotional enough to touch your heart. And so the certain something is missing.
The guys have talent and if they try to eliminate their short-comings, then they can compeed with the Finnish souls. Listen to Everywhere to get an impression how they can sound... Waiting for their next album, perhaps that will close the gap to the Finnish soulmates.

5 stars

Katja Müller
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)



(Nuclear Blast - 1996)

In 1991 this band was a sextet with punk roots, nowadays as a trio they present metal with alternative and gothic elements. End Of Green are combining on Infinity the heaviness of doom, the emotions of gothic rock and the melancholy of alternative metal. The band of singer / guitarist Michael Huber present this melange with a lot of power. And the voice of Michael Huber is adding the unique touch. The band shows atmospheres with a lot of charisma.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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