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On disc: Endezzma

Erotik Nekrosis - Lars Bj°rnt - 8 stars

Erotik Nekrosis

Erotik Nekrosis
(Agonia Records - 2012)

Morten Shax is the man behind Endezzma, and this record has been underway a long time, primary because lead guitarist Trondr Nefas suddenly died during the making of the record, the cause of death in May 2012 is not settled yet. But it left the band in deep distress and sorrow, but finally they are ready with the album, and dedicates it to Nefas honor. Their style is generally black metal, but there is a lot of punk and traditional heavy metal in it as well. There are 7 songs in total and it shows that they have worked well with the details to get the album so masterfully produced as they can. Enigma Of The Sullen seems to be inspired by Mot÷rhead in the basic core of how to construct the song, yet the outer layer is of hard black metal to leave no doubt of their intentions. Swansong Of A Giant is a mix of staccato like punk and heavy drums and guitar work that just gets more and more intense every second the song moves on, very impressive. Hollow brings us slow but strong and very massive black metal, great how they increases the black attitude as they play on. Krossing Rubikon is a fast and metallic rhythm with great guitars and still held in their punky black metal musical core. I hope Endezzma will enjoy playing again after the loss of Trondr Nefas, this album is a true and honest piece of good work.

8 stars

Lars Bj°rn


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