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On disc: Encoffination

Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh

Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh
(Selfmadegod Records - 2010)

Encoffination is an American duo which was founded about 2 years ago and which earlier this year released an EP called Temples Descend Below The Earth. Now they present Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh, their full-length debut. The album was first released on tape and vinyl, now a CD version follows via Selfmadegod Records.
Ghoat and Elektrokutioner are both members of Festered, a death metal outfit. Encoffination is their home for doom metal, and Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh is an evil lo-fi doom monster with 8 tracks. The riffs of Ghoat are slowly creep along the almost inaudible vocals - just some sound samples taken from horror movies give the listener a short break. Raw, monolithic tracks they offer, sometimes it gets a bit monotonous, sometimes it's more atmospheric... gloomy. At Beyond The Grace Of Flesh Go I they show off their death metal roots, but soon the get back to down-tempo parts.
Encoffination follow early 90's death doomsters like Disembowelment and Incantation. They spiced up their tunes with interludes and some Gregorian chant, but only for the effect and soon they are back to their sludgy sound. The guys won't win a prize for originality, but of you are in this type of music, you will surely enjoy this album.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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