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On disc: Enchant

- Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10 - Amir Djawadi - 6 stars

Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10

Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10
(InsideOut Music - 2000)

After the release of the fantastic Break album in 1998 it was pretty quite. No news from Enchant. There were questions like... Is the band still existing? Will there be another release? Will it be on the same high quality level? Many questions unanswered. But now with their latest release Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10 (What a title? What does it mean to them?) this questions can finally be answered. First and most obvious, the band is still existing. Actually a some band members had a side-project called Xen, but now they are 100% back and their latest album with 12 tracks is in the stores.
This one is a consequently continuing of what the successful album Break stands for, guitarist Doug Ott is playing the way he did on Break and shouter Ted Leonhard adds with his warm voice and striking lyrics a special touch to this one. Drummer Paul Craddick plays convincingly accurate, if slow tracks like What To Say or faster ones like Rough Draft, he always is on the beat. And even after 11 years Enchant can convince the fans with their complex, well structured music which is not too complex for the listener. Inventively and though-out they present the different tracks. That they live can play this, they proofed on several tours with big names of this genre (Dream Theater, Spock's Beard and Marillion) and if you so the Americans once on stage, you hope the San Francisco-based band will return soon. Now the album is in the stores and we can hope to see them on stage soon. I guess they won't disappoint their fans....

6 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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