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On disc: Enbound

And She Says Gold - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

And She Says Gold

And She Says Gold
(Inner Wound Records - 2011)

This is the new try from the Swedish band Enbound, that circles around with pop-rock songs and trying hard to find a way that fits them. Many has looked forward to their new release, and vocalist Lee Hunter has come to them as a kind of musical savour. I don't think it helps that much, but the singing qualities can however not be taken away from them, Hunter has an unique voice, reminds much of a mixing between Jørn Lande and Joey Tempest (Europe).

Their music is full of melodic, but despite good guitar riffs they somehow lacks the power to really break through, and that's a shame. Noiseless Bullet is soft pop rock that could attract some radio listeners, but gives impression of a routine song made halfhearted. Their much mentioned duet between Lee Hunter and Lagaylia Frazier stands as good pop music, a ballade which also doesn't really hit the spot. The best song in my eyes is Love Has Come, where the building of the songs is more daring with harder melodic sounds and riffs, and that could save some of the efforts. Sadly the album ends with a terrible rock version of Michael Jackson's old hit Beat It, but without the quality that Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones made that song to be. Enbound really have to shape up, unless they only want a few months of fame.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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