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On disc: Embrioma

29 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(self-released - 2008)

I can't tell you anything about this band, beside that they are from Brazil. The webspace didn't offer an English version, so let's talk about the music!
They kick off with he title track 29 - and some noises, but then head into a fast riff-based tune spiced up with electronic sounds. A more groovy part, but then they storm off into a chaotic passage for a moment. The guys combine death metal parts with industrial sounds and a catchy melodic death metal chorus. Heavy riffs combined with electro sounds and distorted vocals. They cross boarders... and the catchy parts remind me a bit of Mercenary... it's like the Danish pushing it to the edge and add some industrial sounds. Quite interesting, but the song needs a few spins. A fast, guitar-driven track is Factoid which is easier to get in with it's melodic edge and catchy refrain. The industrial sounds are quite reduced therefor a keyboard joins in and Factoid is more a melodic death metal / modern thrash tune with black-ish keyboard... But again the song is going through changes and with guys know how to surprise the listener! This one can haunt you!
The last song is called Transitions In Trance and brings back the industrial sounds, but is mainly a thrash'n'death tune with a catchy chorus which - beside of the industrial parts - should suit every Children Of Bodom / Norther fan, but again, if you are open to the variety of sounds, then you should give it a try. Even if here they also add a dash gothic metal and some shredding guitars. One thing is for sure, the guys don't limit themselves! The combine different sounds and blend them into another - and it works surprisingly well!
Well, very interesting demo of the Brazilians which I would recommend to death'n'thrash fans who are open to music which is spiced up with some other ingredients. As this one is a free download, there is no reason not to check them out. You can download from - where you will find tons of free music!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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