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On disc: Eloy

Reincarnation On Stage - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Reincarnation On Stage

Reincarnation On Stage
(Artist Station - 2014)

I kinda grew up with Eloy, the band was founded in 1969 and so is just one year younger than me. It's not that I listened to them all the time, but I remember that my father was listening to Eloy, mainly in the late 70's. And with Reincarnation On Stage they present their 2nd live album in their career which lasts for more than 4 decades now. Sure, there have been long times of inactivity, but their fans always hoped that Eloy will come back. The album was recorded during their 2012/2013 tour.

They kick off with Namaste which means 'salutations to you' and is the perfect opener for their more than 2 hour long show. The double live CD is bringing songs on stage from every stage of their career - beginning with The Bells Of Notre Dame off their 1975 album Power And The Passion - and to deliver them live the best they can they worked with 2 guitars, 2 keyboards and had 2 backing singers with them. Mastermind Frank Bornemann choose the songs carefully and so created a retrospective. The songs sound perfect and if you wouldn't hear the audience between the songs and have Frank Bornemann talk to the crowd, you wouldn't think it's live.

Fans won't hesitate to get this live document, but I can highly recommend it to everybody who likes Eloy's music and doesn't own all albums.

Track listing:

Disc 1
Namaste (Intro)
Child Migration
Paralyzed Civilization
Mysterious Monolith
Age Of Insanity
The Apocalypse
Poseidon's Creation4
Time To turn
The Sun-Song

Disc 2
Follow The Light
Awakening Of Consciousness
The Tides Return Forever
Ro Setau
Decay Of Logos
Atlantis' Agony At June 5th-8498, 13 PM. Gregorian Earthtime
The Bells Of Notre Dame

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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