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Barbed Wire Metal - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Barbed Wire Metal

Barbed Wire Metal
(Massacre Records - 2011)

Coming from Australia and ready to conquer the world. Maybe not, but the 4 youngsters from Victoria have their roots in the traditional heavy metal sound, and putting their own influence on the production. Their history goes back to 2003 and now they finally get rewarded for their deeds. Massacre Records is behind them for their debut album, an album of only 8 songs but with an awesome power in the way that true power metal means. Not complicated in any way with overworked sounds, but a product completely down to earth, like you turn on the switch and the purest power metal comes out. The title song Barbed Wire Metal should give you a hint of their music style, a very fast song but still completely controlled, nothing fancy to spoil the metal feeling. The Devil's Servant is more melodic and still enormous power runs like lava, unstoppable and great. Elm Street Children is really solid power metal that gives the short comment of the band itself, if you look at the album cover you see the skeleton devil on a motorcycle, directly taken from Elm Street. Could possibly be inspired by the horror movies about Freddy Krueger who was terrorizing Elmstreet, this is a new version where the Australian guys brings it on again. Heavy Metal Power comes next, they are not shy or anything, when they play metal power, why not call the things by a characteristic name, Heavy Metal Power is just another one of the fantastic metal songs on this debut CD. King Of Kings pure melodic metal showing how they spread their creativity and gives the album more depth. Leatherface is in my view the best song, top quality metal not trying to take lines or inspiration from other bands, but brandishing their own metal ideas, listen and go berserk. Merciless Soldier is plain guitar powerful metal again with humor and a creative touches. Finally they aggressively finishes with Metal Is The Way. Power and more power. Only aspect to make the listeners upset is that there are only 8 songs, it will give you appetite for some more stuff from them, just hope it does not take 8 years. It is fantastic to hear an album where young musicians just play what comes from their hearts and get such a good result as Elm Street does.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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