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On disc: Elmsfire

Thieves Of The Sun - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Thieves Of The Sun

Thieves Of The Sun
(Massacre Records - 2012)

Elmsfire is not exactly a new band, but until now they have just released 3 demos without the greatest of success. Then they decided to make something happen, shaped up their music, made a few line-up changes and in 2010 they were ready to make their first full-length album Thieves Of The Sun, and after that they signed a deal with Massacre Records and puts out their debut album once again via their new label, and here it is in 2012. The album is recorded with all the vocals done by Russ Thompson, but since the recordings the vocalist Erdmann is named the newest members of the band. Maybe a turbulent time, but their music holds the stability to make a solid breakthrough. The whole thing is inspired by fantasy metal and storytelling almost inspired by the way Running Wild made intros to some of their songs.

The opening song, Towards The Gates Of Hercules, is a genuine intro, a story to lay the foundation for the rest of the album. Worth A Tale continues the fantasy of fighting backed up by great heavy power metal with skilled songwriting. Stormchild is the soft powerful metal that still concentrates on the fantasy of a stormchild and we get the raw and honest story of this stormy child. Escape is both a little laid back in the style but also sharp guitar power metal with a melodic structure and in my view the best song on the album. Ahab has the kind of intro that is known from Running Wild, and the musical quality grows throughout the song and could win a lot of fans to the band. The title song, Thieves Of The Sun, is a little disappointing. Standard heavy metal without the big surprises, and that is a shame. Only a few uplifting elements, but anyway a CD above average from Elmsfiree.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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