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On disc: Ellipsis

- Imperial Tzadik - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Imperial Tzadik

Imperial Tzadik
(Manitou Music - 2007)

Nowadys you don't hear much about French bands and most of the bands have a weird sound - so does Ellipsis. The band was founded late 1996 and in 2003 they finally released their debut album Comastory. After the release of the conceptual album they got the chance to open up for Opeth on their French shows. The next album was called From Beyond Thematics and was produced by Terje Refsnes - who also did produce Imperial Tzadik.
The album cover is black and grey... the silhouette of a ruin...a tree.... and birds emerging from the scene... And their music is dark, too. Heavy and dark with electronic sounds and a catchy vocal line. Doom parts and progressive dark metal combined - a very unique sound is created by the French. But this strange combination of sounds is what makes it difficult for the listener to get into the world of Ellipsis. Some call it schizo metal, others call it psycho metal... A good example for the soundscapes of Ellipsis is the title track, a good choice to check them out. Especially the string arrangement to the end of the song is very interesting and makes it even more outstanding. With a heavy groove and electronical sounds the following The Witness Tree starts, some keyboard notes seems out of place, but also enchant the listener. Mainly they use clear vocals, but as a sound element they also use growls and scolding vocals. Emmanuelson's vocals vary and sometimes would even fit to some emo rock song.... To get a better idea of their sound you should also check out A Box In The Ocean and Tribal Misericordia. On Tribal Misericordia you will find parts which sound a bit like Sepultura in their early days... Then some vocals remind you of a tribe of Red Indians... But this shows well the variety of sounds.
Ark / Conception guitarist Tore Østby added some vocals as well as Eternal Flight's Gerard Foix, but I can't tell you where they joined them.... Its pretty hard to describe... Fans who listen to the following bands - and I'm not talking about listening to one or two of them! - should give it a try... Evergrey, Opeth, Arcturus, Candlemass, Imperia, Katatonia and Nevermore (vocals)...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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