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On disc: Elimi

Asylum - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(Unexploded Records - 2012)

Black metal can very well be performed with elegance and a glimpse in the eye without loosing the angry and aggressive spirit it is made of. Elimi from Sweden have a good combination of sublime songwriting and brutal oriented black metal to offer their fans on their second album that has just been released. The black metal trio has made a small CD with 6 songs that hammers their way into fans of both hard fast metal as well as genuine black metal, maybe a hard combination but Elimi makes it happen. After a troubled time with the death of their bass player, they have returned with a new sort of material where they begin with a speedy song called Withered With Time, brutal black metal with an aggression hard enough to satisfy the fist fighting fans who want quality black metal with no soft spots. Don't Speak is the next song, and it is fast and brutal yet controlled in the frames of black metal played with elegance and style. Like Sulphur may be a strange title, but it contains a brutal attack that can only be described as some kind of total metal of black and more black metal. Revenge is rather balanced in the form, a head banging dose of real hard black metal that would be fantastic at their concerts. Alive, Dead is more speedy black metal where Elimi also include the elegance that they add to their songs. There are only six songs on this album, but they are enough to make a solid mark for Elimi and their music.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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