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On disc: Elektradrive

Living 4 - Umberto Mino - 8 stars

Living 4

Living 4
(Valery Records - 2008)

After a long period, more than fifteen years, Elektradrive are back!!!! A lot of you will ask who are they???? Elektradrive is an Italian band that in the 80's had publish three albums of hard rock, very appreciated also over the Alps..... You don't believe me? In the late 80's for their second album Due the metal bible for that period, Kerrang magazine gave Elektradrive 5/5 K - the maximum honor for a band and its reputation!!!
But now better come back to nowadays and talk about this new CD Living 4 and the first thing that I hear is that this guys can play very nice and the roots of classic hard rock are not missing inside the new sounds of today, or better the melt the new sounds with the old taste!!! From the first track Evil Empire through the other thirteen tracks is very easy to recognize that this guys made this music for passion and not for the money or for being in the spotlight one more time, because is the passion that drives ourselves to listen this music, not the will to be the followers of these new trends!!!
Please guys, follow your heart and listen this Living 4 CD by Elektradrive. If you have some problems to find it please visit for any question about this great CD!!!

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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