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On disc: Electric Mary

Down To The Bone - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Down To The Bone

Down To The Bone
(Powerage Records - 2009)

Electric Mary is a classic rock band from Australia. Down To The Bone is their debut album, even if they have an EP released in their home country - as far as I know. The quintet is lead by singer Rusty who founded the band together with guitarist Irwin Thomas after a trip to New York.
The kick off with Let Me Out, a song which is a bit like a Led Zeppelin with a dash of Aerosmith. The warm authentic sound is a big plus for Electric Mary who are named after the email addy of Mary Campbell, the manager of the legendary Electric Lady Studio - a place which is rich of rock history. And the five guys take you back in time! The up-tempo No One Does It Better Than Me sounds partly like a rock version of Motörhead - and that shows that they are influences by 60's and 70's rock. A mid-paced rocker is Right Down To The Bone. This one fans of The Black Crowes should dig. A smooth rocker with a slight pop appeal is One In A Million - in the beginning, but then they rock again. At the end of this one the guitar part is a bit too repetitive... They speed up for the catchy Sorry, beside Let Me Out one of my favorites and definitely a song you should check out! A doomy rocker is Crashdown, here the Australians present themselves differently. Due to Rusty's vocals the track has a balladesque touch, but the crunchy riffs add some heaviness. During the following songs it gets clear that the guys are influenced by Led Zeppelin. Another highlight is Spread The Electric Luv, pure fun.
Electric Mary isn't presenting something new, they sound a lot like Led Zeppelin. But you can feel that they love what they do, they enjoy this kind of music and if you like that kind of music, then you will do, too!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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