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On disc: Electric Eel Shock

Sugoi Indeed - Gisela Schmitz - 8 stars

Sugoi Indeed

Sugoi Indeed
(Rodeostar - 2009)

Anybody who knows what 'Sugoi Indeed' means? I found a few meanings incl. something about a river in Siberia, a fast-food restaurant in Honolulu, the label of DJ Gerard Simpson and something about an ancient God... I guess, the only ones who can answer it correctly are the 3 Japanese... But when we take the meaning of the Japanese word 'sugoi' it makes sense, coz 'sugoi' means amazing. The Japanese trio present an album full of straight rock songs including sound elements of punk, classic rock and garage rock. They have a modern sound and the Japanese passages fit in well. The guitar parts of singer and guitarist Aki Morimoto, the accentuated play of bassist Kazuto Maekawa and the unobtrusive drumming of Tomoharu Ito are the core of the EES sound. And that's what make this album fun to listen to and so make the 4th album of Electric Eel Shock their best so far. The straight rock of the Japanese trio is presented in a charming way and so rock fans should dig Sugoi Indeed. It's the variety of their influences which they blend together and so create the EES sound. The songs are authentic, offer varying sounds and are pure fun, but the album lacks a real surprise... It's obvious that the music is representing the life style of the three Japanese. A decent album and if it would over a few more songs, then they would have get a higher rating... 31:30 minutes runtime just isn't enough these days, especially regarding the high CD prices.

8 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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