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On disc: Eldritch

- Blackenday - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Limb Music Productions - 2007)

Eldritch was founded back in 1991 by singer Terence Holler and guitarist Eugene Simone. In the mid-90's their debut Seeds Of Rage was released. The Italians presented from their early days a combination of heavy powerful metal with progressive elements. Somehow I lost track in the late 90's... Blackenday is their 7th album and they stick to their guns, even if through the years the guitars get a bit thrashier...
Kicking off with Silent Flame. Guitar leads into the song and had a hard rock appeal when singer Terence Holler joins in, but with the band joining in the song develops into a catchy heavy rock. A great hookline and heavy guitar riffs shows them aggressive and melodic at a time. After this metal hymn they punch the accelerator down. Shredding guitars... A thrashy power metal tune la Annihilator is The Deep Sleep, but during the refrain they slow down a bit and the melody hooks you up. But there are also similarities to Nevermore who also play thrashy power metal with progressive parts, actually I think they are closer to Nevermore then to Annihilator and Metallica as it's stated in some reviews about the band... On Black Rain the vocals remind me for a moment of former Metal Church singer Mike Howe... Here they switch between technical power metal and thrash metal attacks. Very modern sounds The Fire which even has some growls.
During their career the Italians developed their own sound and a trademark is the change between thrashy power metal and progressive parts. But also the voice of Terence Holler is essential for their sound, coz he offers a variety and so makes the vocals fit best to the song or just the moment. A very good example for the variety of sounds is The Child That Never Smiles. Btw, the album was produced by guitarist Eugene Simone and mixed / mastered by Mystic Prophecy singer R.D. Liapakis and Christian Schmid.
The limited edition has 3 bonus tracks (Hate Me, We Hold On, Do You Believe?) and a video clip for The Blackened Day.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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