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On disc: Ekpyrosis

- After War - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

After War

After War
(Mausoleum Records - 2003)

The band was founded back in 1989 in Austria by Christian Gruber and After War is the 3rd album of this band which can look back to an unusual history.
Opening with the almost 8 min. song Lack Of Independence the quintet shows the musical melange of power metal with thrash influences, progressive parts and some elements which are usually can be found in crossover and Nu metal.
The song Listen is intense and catchy. Especially the vocals of Christian Gruber make this song outstanding. Breaks and tempi changes keeps the songs which are 5 to 8 min. long interesting. The lyrics are partly surrealistic and partly socially critical, but al­ways worth to listen to!
It Would Only Be A Lie starts quite unusual and some metal heads will skip to the next one or even stop the CD, but give this one a chance! It grows!
Nothing for true metal fans! For this band you have to be open-minded, this is no easy-listening stuff! It takes several spins to get into and to discover all the little details.
Give it a try!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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