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On disc: Eisbrecher

Eisbrecher - Katja Müller - 6 stars
Eiszeit (single) - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
Eiszeit - Andre Stasius - 8 stars
Eiskalt (Best Of) - Claudia Ehrhardt -


Eiskalt (Best Of)
(AFM Records - 2011)

Alexx Wesselsky founded Eisbrecher in 2003, the following year the debut Eisbrecher was released. Through the years they released 3 more albums, the last one was Eiszeit in 2010. Now after 8 years and 4 albums they present a best of album called Eiskalt.

They choose 20 songs for the double CD, added 8 songs which are presented in a different (re-)mix, 2 video clips - incl the video for Vergissmeinnicht - and a road movie. So it's value for money.

Fans who have all albums have to consider, if they need to have remixes and other bonus material. For the ones who just discovered the band with Eiszeit it's a good chance to get an idea about their previous works.

Track list:

01. Eiszeit
02. Vergissmeinnicht
03. Herzdieb
04. Schwarze Witwe
05. Leider
06. Böse Mädchen
07. Kann Denn Liebe Sünde Sein
08. Ohne Dich
09. Die Engel
10. Heilig
11. This Is Deutsch
12. Eisbrecher
13. Willkommen Im Nichts
14. Adrenalin
15. Kinder Der Nacht
16. Segne Deinen Schmerz

01. Amok
02. Gothkiller
03. Kein Mitleid
04. Eiskalt Erwischt
05. Vergissmeinnicht (Phase III Remix)
06. Segne Deinen Schmerz (SITD Remix)
07. Leider (Noel Pix Klingenklang Mix)
08. Kann Denn Liebe Sünde Sein (SITD Remix)
09. This Is Deutsch (SITD Remix)
10. Alkohol (Rotersand Remix)
11. Leider (TheRetrosic Mix)
12. Amok (Renegade Of Noise Remix)
13. Eiszeit (video)
14. Vergissmeinnicht (video)
+ road movie

- no rating -

Claudia Ehrhardt


Eiszeit (album)

(AFM Records - 2010)

Ship ahoy! On their 4th album Eisbrecher are on the way to new lyrical shores, this time they report about socially callousness. Like Captain Alexx said: "e;People turn cold, our hears turn into deep freeze, our existence is a cold breeze."e; Time to break the ice. Nobody could do it better then the sympathetic electro rockers from Munich. And they showed this more then once.
The first 2 tracks - Böse Mädchen and Eiszeit - are literally hit the topic like an ice pick hit a block of ice. Alexx also wants to tell his female fans with the opening track that is's wrong to follow common aesthetic of women and that personality is more important to survive in these days shallow-brained society. This is quite a surprise, coz the frontman often is mistaken as a macho. Anyway, the first 2 songs soon will be regarded as Eisbrecher classics.
Soon the Eisbrecher sound will hook up the listener with heavy riffs and atmospheric synthi sounds. And due to refrains which are easy to sing along the songs are ear catchers. The hit potential got lost at Bombe as well as at the English Gothkiller. They get back on track with Die Engel - an emotional tune to melt hearts. The dark timbre of Alexx has a soothing effect. Good one!
Let's talk about Amok! The song is provoking and deals with the discussion about running amuck and third-person-shooter. Musically they are at the borders to EBM and lyrically they are close to get in trouble with censorship... A killer track. Dein Weg and Der Hauch des Lebens will destroy the last sheets of ice, typical Eisbrecher with crushing guitar riffs and great hook lines.
Resume: Well, some might stick to the hits off Antikörper or Sünde, but give Eiszeit time to grow! Anyway, the last 2 albums are more balanced and catchy. On the other hand tracks like Böse Mädchen, Eiszeit, Die Engel or Amok soon will be among your favorites while other tunes are more experimental and so the album has some rough edges.

8 stars

Andre Stasius
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Eiszeit (single)

Eiszeit (single)
(AFM Records - 2010)

So far AFM Records were known mainly for traditional metal, but lately the German label is presenting different sounds. So they signed Eisbrecher.
The band of singer Alexx Wesselsky is offering the single Eiszeit as an appetizer for their up-coming album Eiszeit. Eisbrecher present a NDH tune which partly shows similarities to Rammstein, but also has some melodic melancholy refrain to offer. A danceable track which will soon be a hit at the gothic club scene. Segne Deinen Schmerz is a [:SITD:]-Remix and its a quite typical Eisbrecher song, danceable and catchy.
If Eisbrecher will be as successful as Unheilig only time will tell, but with the single Eiszeit they make a step ahead.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


(Golden Core - 2004)

Eisbrecher are former Megaherz singer Alexx Wesselsky - now he changed to Alex - and former Megaherz guitarist Noel Pix. The duo presents electro rock with EBM elements, Gothic parts and sometimes they sound a little like Rammstein. The label biography of Eisbrecher is exaggerating a little too much, it's talking about to genial musicians who have visions which they realized in their trip-rock songs and that they leave the metal cliches behind. First, it ain't trip-rock! Musical genius... Well, therefore the song writing and the arrangements lack class. Second, singer Alex studied Germanistics which should have lead into more prosaic and less flat lyrics. Using well-known phrases didn't do it at all. Also I can suggest to do a background check on subjects when talking about esoteric / religious themes. Okay, that is just important for people who speak German, but I think that this kind of music is mainly interesting for fans who understand the lyrics. The music isn't strong enough to put you under a spell. A little heavier would have done it, I guess. Also the guitar is too much in the background and computer sounds dominate this one. If the band want to make a stand before their old mates do release an album, then they have to complete their line-up and support this one live. Perfect would be a support slot for Oomph!. The next step is to improve the mentioned weaknesses. Okay, Schwarze Witwe (Engl.: black widow) has the potential to become a hit. Also Frage - means 'question' and is more an electro pop song - and Fanatica - the single - have their moments. The title track is another highlight. Good riffing á la Die Krupps (Lee Altus era) and solemn anthem-like refrains - kind of Oomph!-like - make this one outstanding from the rest of the material.
Not bad at all... But they need to improve. What should be mentioned is that the CD comes as a digi-pack - price of a 'normal' CD - and has as a bonus a DVD. The cover artwork is interesting and the colors are cold and sterile which fits to the album. Due to the computer-based sound this album sounds cold and sterile....

6 stars

Katja Müller
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)

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