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On disc: Eilera

- Fusion - Daniel Biehl - 8 stars


(Spinefarm Records - 2007)

Eilera is a French duo which knows how to enchant with guitar, cello and a beautiful female voice. After the release of their EP Precious Moment they are now back with 10 new songs. On Fusion they mix gothic metal and folk rock.
Guitar riffs and cello parts lead you through this album. Always well balanced and harmonic, never annoying. The parts with cello, distorted guitar and powerful vocals are the highlights in every song and are quite catchy. Its the change between clean and distorted guitar parts are punctuated - and so they fulfill the expectations which are build up with the slower passages. The effects they use support the songs and their atmosphere. At least with the second song - called In the Present - you understand their way of structuring the songs. Healing Process and the title track Fusion are ear catchers! And so they lead you through their musical world and you don't want to leave again. The sounds remind you of freedom, nature and are full of harmony - and you just want to stay! The intro to the soft The Angel You Love... The Angel You Hate starts with melancholy mainly build up by the emotional vocals. And so the contrast to the next tunes is huge... Back To Essentials is harder, even if its melodic and based as usual on cello and guitar. A real killer is Free... Are You? The acoustic guitar is supported by a forcing bass drum beat and during the refrain the cello supports the high vocals. With September they return to the schemata of the opening tunes.
Eilera manage to give every song an individual touch, even if they are quite similar. The track list is well chosen and the production won't make you complain. But still, this album won't satisfy everybody! Its a matter of taste, but if you like gothic and folk, then this might be a rare diamond for you.... Check out: Healing Process, Fusion, The Angel You Love... The Angel You Hate, Back To Essentials and Free... Are You?

8 stars

Daniel Biehl (guest writer)
Claudia Ehrhardt


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