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On disc: Eden weint im Grab

- Krieg im Wunderland - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Krieg im Wunderland

Krieg im Wunderland
(self-released - 2008)

I just came across this web EP - free download at the homepage - and so have to confess that I don't know their 2004 album Traumtrophäen toter Trauertänzer. With Krieg im Wunderland mastermind Alexander Paul Blake is back and gives an opportunity to listen to some new songs via download. Two songs will be at the soon coming album Trauermarsch nach Neotopia, but also some tracks which will only be released this way. Btw, their debut is also available as free download!
It opens up with the title track Krieg im Wunderland - a mid-paced tune with heavy riffs and a dense atmosphere. The whispered words create a special atmosphere, but the refrain is catchy and so Krieg im Wunderland soon will haunt you! And so they can also hook up gothic metal fans who don't understand the German lyrics. And it's danceable!
Staccato riffing kicks off Udine. The vocals remind me a bit of Schiller / Heppner... Or Unheilig... At least in the beginning. Heavy riffs combined with keyboard melodies and almost mean vocals. But then back to the clean, enthralling part. A bit melancholy is Sturmrede des Nihil which is exclusively released on this web EP. But later in the song the riffs and vocals create a threatening atmosphere - and then a bittersweet keyboard melody seduces you. Of Betrachtung eines Nachtstücks you will find 2 versions, the regular version and an ambient one which is an instrumental. The lyrics are influenced by poets like Schiller, Goethe and Fontane. Well done!
I can highly recommend this web EP to every gothic metal fan - and there is no excuse not to get a copy as this is a free download! So go to their website, download and enjoy!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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