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On disc: Ecthirion

Apocalyptic Visions - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Apocalyptic Visions

Apocalyptic Visions
(Soundmass - 2009)

Ecthirion is a British band which presents their debut Apocalyptic Visions - a 5-track EP. The trio is trying to offer a unique mix of symphonic, majestic metal with black and death metal elements among others. They open up with the instrumental Dawn Of The Great Apocalypse which could be taken off a motion picture soundtrack. On the following Warmageddon Josh Edwards adds the operatic vocals. The up-tempo track shows similarities to symphonic black metal as well as some classic citations. The black metallic vocals are added by Azahel Frost (Frost Like Ashes) and so the track is getting a black metal edge. But again guitarists Gabriel Neale and Simon Treasure show a wide range of different sounds. At Immortality Eugen Dodenhoeft is taking care of the vocals. The Far Beyond singer is adding his deep growls and so adds heaviness to the partly quite light sound of Immortality. The song is changing between heavy metallic parts with a symphonic touch and lighter passages like the guitar lead part and the progressive passage with clean vocals. Then they present a part where they offer some classic Spanish guitar! Just to head into a complex prog metal part! A sonic roller coaster ride! But somehow this sonic madness is fascinating! Enchanting!
A mix of symphonic sounds and folk opens up Anthem For The Brave where Josh Edwards takes over the mic again. Another surprise is the narrated part which sounds like it's taken off a TV news show... The threesome is again mixing different styles, but it sounds organic!
They end their debut EP with another instrumental - Veritas Vos Liberabit. An excursion into classical music which offers something completely different and so it ain't easy to identify a target group for Ecthirion. But I think that open-minded fans of symphonic black metal and folk metal la Turisas should like the British. I hope to hear more from this unique band!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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